Medical Marijuana for Psoriasis


This disorder is a chronic and reoccurring condition that varies in severity from minor localized patches of skin, to the eventual complete coverage of the body. Fingernails and toenails are frequently affected by this condition and can be seen as an isolated sign. Psoriasis can also cause inflammation of the joints, which leads to the diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis. Statistically, between ten percent and thirty percent of all people with psoriasis also have psoriatic arthritis.

Medical marijuana can be a great treatment option for patients who suffer from psoriasis. With treatment options available to patients in the form of steroid creams, the side effects that are associated with steroid creams are absolutely horrifying. Certain individuals who have used steroid creams to treat psoriasis have developed either tuberculosis or lymphoma. Medical cannabis is great for any irritations or inflammation of the skin as it is very therapeutic and beneficial as an anti-inflammatory. CB2 receptors in a patient’s epidermis have been proven to react very well to cannabinoids and leave skin feeling healthy and more improved.

* as always please be sure to consult with a health professional to assess the risks and rewards of adding medicinal cannabis to your treatment program.