Sometimes we have patients that need to see a medical professional prior to ordering from the Cascadia Wellness Society, and sometimes they need to speak to a doctor that understands the truly amazing medicinal properties of the cannabis plant.

We can provide quick access to medical professionals that can help with either a confirmation of condition visit or a more thorough visit with a doctor who specializes in medicinal cannabis.  We can help in either case.  Patients should expect an appointment time within 10-14 days after receiving a request for appointment.

Confirmation of Diagnosis Appointment  This will be a short appointment with a doctor to confirm that you suffer from a condition recognized by Health Canada as one that medicinal cannabis has been proven beneficial.  This appointment is strictly to confirm diagnosis and the cost is $149. Full details Here.

Specialist Appointment  This will be a much longer appointment with a specialist who is more expert in medicinal cannabis treatments.  This doctor can help with strain selection and dosage suggestions. The cost to see a specialist is $499.  Full details Here.

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