We earn trust

We don’t expect any of our clients to be convinced of the medicinal benefits of Cannabis in one sitting.  There is a lot of information to take in and we like our clients to have ample time to process and verify what we purport.  We are not selling anything other than an opportunity to learn what we know.  Our service is a chance to glean years of experience and experimentation.  Avoid countless attempts made for a single success… instead, just learn and practice.  We aren’t in this to make big profits so we encourage  you to share what you learn and help educate others. Together we can raise awareness and evolve out of this prohibitive oxymoron our legal system has created.  Currently Cannabis is classed as a schedule 1 drug.  This means that our government and health authority deem Cannabis to have zero medicinal benefit… and yet cannabis has been proven effective for treatment of many illnesses.  Many of these findings are  in government funded clinical trials and patent applications.  This hypocrisy must change and the path to change is education.

Medical Consulting

If you need a doctor who understands the truly amazing benefits of medicinal cannabis, we can help.

We have partnered with 420 Consulting to give all Canadians the ability to access government issued medical marijuana prescriptions.

We take great pride in helping Canadians who require medicinal cannabis; access to the medicine they need to help them with their day to day lives. We have helped hundreds of people all across the country make sense of the mixed messages, answering the tough questions and help with the difficult decisions surrounding medicinal cannabis access.

We can show you how simple, easy and fast it is to obtain a prescription.  All our appointments are done over Skype and our doctors work around the clock, 6 days a week.  They are compassionate and understand the benefits of juicing and other non-traditional consumption methods.  After the initial forms are filled out we can have an appointment for you usually within 2-5 days.

Contact our friends at 420 Consulting.

info@420consulting.ca  |  1-855-247-0737  |  250-483-4240

I want to make sure that I am not breaking any laws, how can you help?
We ensure that you fully understand the process to ensure that you are fully complying with every Health Canada and Criminal Code regulation.  We have helped hundreds of people just like you.

How long does the process take?
Typically we can have a patient from their initial consultation to prescription in hand in less than a week.  Sometimes it’s quicker and depending on scheduling it can be a little longer but seldom does the whole process take longer than a week.

My doctor does not support medical marijuana.  Can you help?
Absolutely!  This is what we do best.  We have compassionate doctors ready and waiting to help.  All you need is to be over 19 with access to your medical records and a Skype account.

How do I know which product is best suited for me?
We have experts available that can help you select products that have helped others in your situation in the past.

My child needs medical marijuana.  Can you help?
As of this moment we are unable to help in this situation, however, we are looking into ways in which we may be able to; as we often get asked this question.

I’m concerned this may be a scam.  Is this even for real?
Yes.  We are unquestionably a legitimate service and have been able to maintain an excellent reputation by word of mouth advertising and steady referral clientele.  We are very passionate about promoting a holistic approach to healing and living.  We recognize the challenges many ailing Canadians are faced with daily of acquiring their medicine and having a reasonable access to it.  Helping people in need and providing them with practical access to high quality medicinal cannabis products is something we take very seriously.  Our services are 100% guaranteed.

What do I need to complete my appointment
First off you need access to a device that will allow you to use skype.  Most smart phones are compatible as well as tablets and computers.  we conduct an intake interview prior to us taking payment in order to ensure that you are a candidate for medicinal cannabis.  At the intake appointment it will be expected that you will have submitted any relevant medical documents, prescriptions, etc and that you will have submitted a government issued picture identification to ensure we are conducting the appointment with the correct person.  After the intake interview you will then see the doctor who will issue you a prescription for medicinal cannabis providing the patient is eligible. Should you go through the process and be deemed ineligible we are able to offer a refund.

Do you sell medicinal cannabis products

Do you work for any licensed producers?
No we do not, we can however help you select the best licensed producer for you based on your situation.  Each has a slighlty different approach to the business and different products and incentives.

Can you help with permits to grow my own medicinal cannabis?
Yes we can, free of charge.

Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes.  We also accept e-transfers (email money transfers) as well from any Canadian bank.


Very pleased with the Service and professionalism. I would highly recommend them as they were very informative and helped me every step of the way.
Eliza Smith bcmarijuana.ca patientJanuary 2017
Thanks for helping me acquire my grow license!!! Bcmarijuana.ca made it simple and stress free. I have never had to leave the comfort of my home for any reason and being disabled, that was very helpful. I will be renewing my grow license with you as well.
Saalome Dojah bcmarijuana.ca patientJune 2017
Extremely helpful group.  Well worth a call with any questions you have.  The products they have are top quality and there is always something new to try.  Their response time is super fast and they even help with the application to grow after you receive your prescription in the mail.
Nino Liberatore bcmarijuana.ca patientApril 2017
Amazingly fast and legal way to acquire my medical marijuana prescription and products.  Bcmarijuana.ca blew me away with their customer service. I will be recommending this site to my friends, coworkers and anyone who could benefit from medical marijuana!
Julia Hague bcmarijuana.ca patientMay 2017